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T Shirt Design by - davidfromdallas

Have you ever been conned in anyway? Have a look at this cool graphic print on grey and beware of the various con artists present around you! Read ahead to know more..

When they said every trick in the book, they meant it.

“Magic” that was really just distraction mixed with quick hands. Chess pieces that mysteriously showed up in new places during a glance out the window. Decks of cards strangely packaged with an extra three aces. Money falling out of pockets. Jewelry falling in. Donny and Claudine had seen it all.

Or so they tried to convince me. But I wondered, [...]

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[...] as I stared across at their unassuming faces and nondescript clothes, if they were that good, why didn’t they look it?

“Tell me something,” I said, tucking my shirt in behind the badge secured to my belt. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t ever keep my shirt from snagging on the badge’s sharp edges of justice. “Why the turn around? The sudden change of heart?”

“Ain’t a change of heart, officer,” Donny said. He tossed an arm casually across the back of his chair. “It’s the best trick of all.”

“Cheating the cheaters?” I shook my head. Crook logic was, well, crooked.

“It’s got a certain poetical justice to it, don’tcha think?” Claudine asked me, popping a pink gum bubble and winking at me.

I pulled my jacket over the badge. “That’s not the word I’d use,” I said.

“Give ‘er another one. Claudine’s real fond of words. Ain’tcha, sweetheart?” Donny said, grinning at his…girlfriend? Partner? Fond as she might be of words, there were quite a few they didn’t use. I’d found that out three hours ago when they showed up at my desk.

Claudine blew him a kiss and launched into a stream of words I wasn’t sure would ever stop. She was a talker, that one. No doubt the perfect distraction for any number of cons.

I cut in without ceremony. “How am I supposed to trust you?”

“We were discussin’ that very predicament, weren’t we, dollface? This is what we figure.” Donny flicked his fingers against the high collar of his leather jacket, making it stand full straight again. “You never give us a spit of info that would do us any good. You never leave us anyplace we’d have access to stuff we could use to get up to trouble. Lock up your valuables. Easy, right?”

“What do you want in return?” I asked, my cop instincts telling me to lock them both up right this second. My boss wanted the publicity, though. Needed it to boost funding.

“The chance to show you everybody’s tricks, Sergeant Pinker. We’ll go down to the boardwalk, tell you what all the shysters are really doing. Under the table, behind their backs. Why, no cop’s ever had it so good!”

“That sounds like more of what’s in it for me. What do you get out of it?”

Donny and Claudine exchanged a look I couldn’t read, which made it darn near blank. Claudine blew another bubble, popped it, and said, “We want you to lock up Sadie Six and her Catscratch Gang.”

“Why? What did they do to you?”

“That don’t matter right now,” Donny said, leaning forward over my desk. “You want the chance or not?”

“Sure,” I said. “Why not?” What the captain wanted, the captain got. The captain wanted a big break, something to set the papers on fire.

Donny clapped his hands together. “Great! Let’s go see your paddywagon, huh?”

I led the way out of the station, even held the door for them. But I couldn’t stop wondering if “the greatest trick of all” was going to be on me.

Keep this t shirt on if: : You know the ways of shady characters. Including the secret handshake that gets you in the backroom at Mama Murphy’s Pub.

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Forget about this tshirt if: You walk the straight and narrow, and are as pure as the driven snow. .
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Tshirt Colour: Light Grey disguise of the Shady Character Alliance

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Marvyn : : Tue 09 Apr, 2013
this is designing! Wow!

Twisted Angel : : Tue 09 Apr, 2013
heyyyy, come onnn...a girl wearing heels is not cheating...maybe a little bit, but hardly cheating

Whack Attack : : Tue 09 Apr, 2013
do u mean tiger woods?

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This t shirt has been designed by davidfromdallas from United States
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