Dude, how do you make the tees?

So you see, they are made of 100% Cotton. These

180-GSM t-shirts are bio-washed which help in making the fabric soft and make sure they stay in shape and you don’t get worried about weight gain.


As far as printing is concerned, our designs are Digitally Printed to make sure that the minute details in the design come out sharp & vibrant. The inks applied on the t-shirts are eco-friendly making them non-toxic and non-hazardous so you can even so you can’t poison anyone with these.


Are these designs ‘copied’ from the internet? ‘Coz I don’t the SWAT team swooping in on me while sleeping.

Nope! All our designs/artworks are 100% authentic and originally licensed from the creators itself. We work with artists on a royalty model. So an artist earns every time you buy a product from us.


Not getting my size, Cap’. Rescue me!

Just flash the CAPsign from your roof! Or, you can sit in your room and drop us an email at hello@captainkyso.com and tell us the product details of what you need. We might take a few days extra, but will make sure that the product reaches your doorstep.


What does my new shirt smell of?

That odour you may smell on your new tee is a by-product (known as pre-treatment liquid) of the custom printing method used to print the design. This liquid helps in making the design vibrant and durable. But don’t worry, this smell will be gone after a wash and you’ll be feeling like Keeping On Your Shirt all day.

Is KYSO really a word or did you just make that up?

KYSO is an acronym which stands for “Keep Your Shirt On”. If that doesn’t catch your fancy, you can also call it “Keep Your Shirt Off” (although, we’re not sure what effect that’ll have on our business model) or “Keep Your Socks On”. To know more about how CaptainKYSO came into being, go here.




How long does it take for an order to be delivered to me?

We usually take 24-48 hours to prepare your order (since all items are customized to your requirements). Once the order is ready, consider another 72 hours (for orders within India) and within 10-12 days outside India, for courier companies to deliver the order, depending on where you are

In case of any delay, you will be notified by us. In case of any doubt drop us a mail at hello@captainkyso.com. We usually share AWB numbers once your order gets dispatched.




How can I pay for my products?

We offer the following payment options:

Credit/Debit Card

Net Banking


Cash on Delivery (COD) for India only.


What should I do if my payment fails?

In case your payment fails, you can use the “Cash on Delivery” option to confirm your order. And if your payment is debited from your account, it will be credited back within 7-10 business days (after we receive a confirmation from the bank).


How will I get confirmation that my Order is placed successfully?

An email will be sent with your order information confirming your order and another email when your order is shipped out.

How do I Change/Cancel my order?

Just email us @ hello@captainkyso.com. The Captain will do what’s necessary (as long as your order hasn’t been processed or shipped). P.S Don’t forget to mention your Order Id!

Do you have Cash on Delivery (COD) option? Are there any additional charges?

Yes, we do have Cash on Delivery (COD) option for most pincodes in India. An additional Rs. 50 will be added to your total for the handling charges as levied by the courier company.

How do I return the product to you?

Ship it to us at our aforementioned address and drop us a mail at hello@captainkyso.com and we will revert back to you.

Why and when do I pay for shipping the tshirt to you?

You need to pay for the reverse shipping when you decide on exchanging the product for a different size or design. We would only reimburse the shipping charges in case of a faulty product from our side.

I received an art print but just shows me a framed artwork on your website. What’s up?

Our art prints look best when framed, which is why we had them mocked on our store in that manner. However, shipping the frames would not be feasible for us at the offered price and we don’t want to impose our default frame bindings on you. So feel free to customize your own and let your creative juices flow.








What is your return & Exchange Policy?

We accept exchanges if there is any issue in size or if the products you received are damaged. You need to send us an email (email id: hello@captainkyso.com) and initiate an exchange within 7 days of receiving the product and letting us know which new/current size you want. Once you initiate the exchange, we will send you the new/current sizes in the next 10 days. Please bear in mind, that for any order, we will process the exchange request only once. If the size requested by you is not available then we’ll refund the amount to you. Please note that we do not accept returns for any other reason.


What is your REFUND POLICY?

We only give refunds on products which are damaged or you received them faulty. We would take 7-10 days to refund the money. The mode of refund would be the same as per the payment..


How long does the online refund procedure take?

The online refund procedure will be initiated within 48 hours once we receive your product.

Where should I return my product?

Please send the products to the below mentioned address:

Yavanna Retail Private Limited

1/1A/2 Mahendra Roy Lane,

PS Peninsula, 8th Floor, Office# 801,

West Bengal,India.

Contact 033-4005-6335.


Do you take Bulk Orders?

Yes, we do. You can mail us with your order and design details at hello@captainkyso.com






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